Claudio salazar narcos

Claudio salazar narcos


The third season of Narcosan American crime thriller drama web television series produced and created by Chris BrancatoCarlo Bernard, and Doug Mirofollows the story of the Cali Cartel.

claudio salazar narcos

All 10 episodes of the season became available for streaming on Netflix on September 1, and were met with very positive reviews. With Escobar out of the way, business for the Cali Cartel is booming, with new markets in the United States and elsewhere.

The decision is met with mixed reactions within the cartel. Chepe guns down a Dominican gang in Queens when he finds they are buying ether for cocaine production. However, a subsequent explosion in a drug lab causes Cuban-American journalist Manuel de Dios Unanue to investigate.

Chepe meets with Manuel and proposes to help him achieve his American dream; when Manuel refuses, Chepe kills him. Feistl and Van Ness begin their investigation by raiding an office building owned by Chilean banker and money launderer Guillermo Pallomari but find little information.

The police raid the house the next day and capture Gilberto when he tries to hide, avoiding the corrupt police in the process. Fearing that Jurado will testify against them, the Cali Cartel has him killed in prison.

Impressed by Salcedo's actions that helped save his life, Miguel promotes Salcedo as his head of security, replacing his son David Rodriguez, not knowing that Salcedo is secretly working alongside the DEA. After a lengthy search, Van Ness and Feistl discover open air space in the wall that they highly suspect Miguel is hiding in and they start to bash down the wall, but they are stopped when the head of the Cali Attorney General's office walks in and declares their actions illegal.

After the close call on Miguel, David becomes increasingly suspicious of Salcedo and Enrique, Salcedo's right-hand man. Miguel and David torture Enrique who confesses that Salcedo is an informant. David and Miguel are about to kill Salcedo when an American pager planted by Salcedo goes off in Enrique's pocket.

Convinced he is the rat, Miguel has Enrique killed, but David remains highly suspicious of Salcedo, and continues to dig for evidence on Salcedo's disloyalty. Salcedo tips off the DEA again on Miguel's new location, and tells them he will convince Miguel to move to a safer location and advises the arrest happen during the transport.

Before Miguel can leave the house, David finds video proof of Salcedo walking into Van Ness and Feistl's apartment and alerts his father.

Narcos season 3: Who is Pacho Herrera and where is he now? Will he be back for season 4?

Salcedo is almost killed by Miguel but he flees before the raid team can capture him. Miguel is arrested when he tries to flee his house. With the Rodriguez brothers gone, Pacho kills the North Valley leaders and surrenders to the police with Chepe. Pallomari agrees to testify in exchange for immunity for himself and his family. Both Salcedo and Pallomari testify against the cartel, and disappear in the witness protection program.

David is killed by the North Valley Cartel when he fails to hunt down Salcedo. In court, Pallomari reveals the Cali Cartel has illegally funded the presidential campaign of Ernesto Samper and have bribed multiple politicians. While a political scandal ensues, the Rodriguez brothers are extradited to the United States and receive lengthy sentences. Pacho is killed in prison by the North Valley and Chepe is murdered by the AUC leaders when he fails to ally himself with them.As you know,this series is based on a true story, but some characters, names, places and events have been modified for dramatic purposes.

Not all that is seen in the TV series based on real facts is really as it is described: Narcos is one of these. Leggi la versione italiana qui. As we already anticipated in the article about the third season, Jorge is now over sixty years old, he lives in the United States and has been in the witness protection program for about 22 years. He left his old name behind and now, despite all the difficulties faced in changing his life, he works as an engineer.

Contacted directly by Eric Newmanshowrunner of the series, has actively collaborated in the creation and writing of the screenplay to ensure accuracy …. In an interview held by Entertainment Weeklyour security manager confesses all that is true and all that is false in the Cali affair. All of you will remember the death of Claudio Salazar, whose extremities have been linked to four motorbykes. This scene is not very far from reality, there was only one difference: the bikes were Land Cruisers and not Harley Davidsons.

Waiting for him is David, son of Miguel, ready to show how they treated traitors. They told me to get there first, to check that the road remained free, and so I did. Soon arrived a few cars carrying people against their will. Once inside I heard shouts, shots. I did not move from there, my job was to check the outside.

But I always wondered why they asked me to be there in that moment. Maybe it was a test. Do you remember when Jorge is going to be suffocated with a plastic bag?

claudio salazar narcos

From what is shown, Miguel had never doubted his right-hand man until the child puts him to face the evidence, but in reality they began to stave him off some time earlier : he was not invited to the meetings and when the DEA tried to arrest the chief of Cali for the first time, Jorge was only called when the police had already surrounded the building.

What about Navegante? He was never killed by Salcedo. He was hiding in a bunker with his family and with an arsenal of weapons and grenades to defend himself; he would have never let himself be seen on such streets, he was a spy, a traitor and would have been killed if he had shown himself around.

Lastly, I think it is essential to shed light on one of the most difficult relationships in the whole TV series: the relationship with Daniel Rodriguez.

Narcos: the real-life story behind Jorge Salcedo

Little Rodriguez is the only one who really cares about the possibility that Jorge is not as faithful as he makes believe, he sees a dark side, made of lies, that the rest of the group cannot perceive. It was unpredictable, because he had to show everyone, myself included, that he could occupy that throne.

claudio salazar narcos

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Nome obbligatorio. Sito web.Narcos is one of the most exciting series on Netflix, but how true-to-life is it? The real-life Jorge Salcedo recently spilled the beans on how accurate the series actually is. Is the script unflinchingly accurate, or are we talking about Stephen Hawking standing up at the end of The Theory Of Everything here? Entertainment Weekly tracked down the real-life Jorge Salcedo — the security head of the Cali Cartel who was central in bringing down the empire and now lives under witness protection in the US — to get the facts behind the fictionalisation.

Let us, with spoilers aplenty, count the ways…. The scene in which Salcedo — a high-end engineer with access to military grade surveillance equipment — is locked in a room with Miguel and co-opted into the cartel to head up security in the wake of an attempted bomb attack on Miguel by Pablo Escobar is, according to Salcedo, verbatim.

I had no option of saying no… everyone gets emotional now about these killings that ISIS is doing here, there, everywhere. He had put a bomb in the building that destroyed the equivalent of the FBI in Colombia. An early scene in season three had Pacho pulling Salazar apart by strapping him to two motorcycles. Not too far from the truth, Salcedo says. They did that the same. Not with Harleys, they used two Land Cruisers. In NarcosSalcedo is brought to a farmhouse for a meeting, only to find himself witness to an execution.

True story? I started hearing screaming. I did not go near it. Or was it a test… will you tell everyone what was done here? But whatever it was, I got the picture. They could do this to anybody. To me, to anybody. In the Netflix series, Miguel attempts to kill Salcedo with a plastic bag, having pegged him as an informant.

Creative license, Salcedo attests. I was able to tell him what was happening [with the police], so I was able to earn his trust. Come the end of the season, Salcedo kills hitman Navegante in self-defence. All-out fiction, according to Jorge. Sign in. Log into your account.La serie fue creada por los estadounidenses Chris Brancato, Eric Newman y Carlo Bernard, producida por Netflix y estrenada el 28 de agosto de Cada una de las temporadas consta de diez episodios.

La serie fue anunciada en abril de como parte de una alianza entre Netflix y Gaumont International Television. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Fox News. Archivado desde el original el 4 de marzo de Consultado el 10 de julio de Hollywood Reporter.

Huffington Post. The Wrap. Consultado el 19 de mayo de Consultado el 12 de marzo de Consultado el 23 de agosto de Latin Times. Datos: Q Multimedia: Narcos. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons. Drama Narcoserie. Tuyo compuesto por Rodrigo Amarante. Colombia - Dynamo Producciones Gaumont International Television. Sitio web oficial.Claudio Salazar was a member of the Norte del Valle Cartel of Colombiaand he did business with the Cali Cartel ; he became rivals with Helmer Herrera due to having a bad history with him.

InSalazar attended a party held by Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuelawhere Rodriguez announced that the Cali Cartel was going to go legitimate in six months. He was seen as a threat by Cali leader Miguel Rodriguez Orejuelawho hated Claudio for showing disrespect towards his beautiful wife, Maria. After Jorge Salcedo taped a conversation between Salazar and his wife that revealed that Salazar was going to spend time with prostitutes at a riverside party rather than stay with her, Miguel told Gilberto that Claudio showed no respect, and that he had to be eliminated.

Herrera and his biker gang showed up to the party, where Herrera bought Salazar a bottle of wine as a "peace offering". He proceeded to romantically dance and kiss one of his own men, and he then smashed the bottle of wine over Salazar's head.

Herrera had Salazar chained to two motorcycles heading in opposite directions, and the two motorcycles bisected him upon speeding off, gruesomely executing him. Salazar's body was wrapped in chicken wire and thrown in the Cauca River, where his bloated body was cut into pieces by the wire and turned into fish food.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? He was murdered by Cali Cartel boss Helmer Herrera in Biography Claudio Salazar was a member of the Norte del Valle Cartel of Colombiaand he did business with the Cali Cartel ; he became rivals with Helmer Herrera due to having a bad history with him.

Categories :.Fans of Netflix series Narcos were left enraptured by the character of Maria played by Andra Londo was she first introduced in Narcos season three. But who plays her in the series - and what do you need to know about her? Eventually Cali kingpin Miguel Rodriguez breaks the news that her husband has met a grisly end, leaving her devastated and in a mess of tears.

Meet the Mexican actor. Maria in particular has been singled out for being, alternately, a weeping widow and a sexual object. Strong people can cry too. Our humanity is our greatest strength, and should never be shamed, it should be encouraged.

She asks the druglord if he will help him to get her son back, and when he obliges, undresses as a thank you. The next time she appears, she is having sex with her benefactor. Londo is unlikely to return to Narcos for season four, which is rumoured to be set in Mexico with a mostly-new cast. She also starred in the Sons of Anarchy spin-off as Carnalita, a woman who watched her family die at the hands of a cartel during childhood.

However, when Claudio disappears, Maria runs wildly around town in search of him. Narcos: Mexico is available to stream on Netflix. Narcos season 4: Who is Isabella? Is she based on a real person?Maria Salazar is an intriguing character in Narcos Season 3. Who plays the dewy-eyed, innocent but also street-wise, cartel girlfriend? That would be actress Andrea Londo. Londo defended the Maria Salazar character on Instagram in response to an article that said she fit a crying woman trope.

She wrote:. We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to female characters and the portrayal of women in movies, shows, etc.

claudio salazar narcos

Strong people can cry too. Our humanity is our greatest strength, and should never be shamed, it should be encouraged. Her answer to the situation however?

Narcos: Krav-Maga Disarmament

To sit down and negotiate, like a business woman. Not a weak one. It was Colombia in the s not present day USA roughly year gap. Within the confinements of her world, Maria is clever and knows how to survive.

Maria makes her debut as arm candy to her husband Claudio Salazar Carlos Camacho. Maria is made to follow her spouse like his trusty canine companion as opposed to his actual human wife. The beautiful young woman immediately catches the eye of druglord Miguel Rodriguez Francisco Denis. Now, streetwise and driven, she protects the lost children orphaned by cartel violence. You can read more about the real Miguel here:. Read More From Heavy. By Jessica McBride.

Updated Sep 24, at am. View this post on Instagram. Published Sep 4, at pm. Londo wrote a post on Instagram defending the character.

He is a rare gay character in the series, who flaunts his sexuality in the face of those who disprove and shuts down homophobia with menacing violence. In the first episode of season three, Pacho arrives at a club where a rival druglord, Claudio Salazar, is sat.

He buys Salazar a bottle as an apparent gesture of goodwill, before taking to the dancefloor with his male companion. Pacho sensually dances and kisses the young man directly in front of a clearly uncomfortable Salazar. Alberto Ammann, who has played Pacho since season one, said that the sequence was designed to show how much power the character holds.

Pacho was the last of the Cali kingpins to be captured, evading police until September 1, when he turned himself in for a reduced sentence. He was given six years and eight months imprisonment for drug trafficking charges, which was later extended to 14 years. Two years into his sentence, Pacho was shot dead as he played football in the yard by Rafael Angel Uribe Serna, who entered the maximum security prison posing as a lawyer.

He claimed that he had killed Pacho because he had threatened his family, however it is widely thought that he was acting on the orders of a rival cartel. Season three ended with the four Cali kingpins behind bars, and season four is set to move on to a new cartel. Who is Pacho Herrera?

Narcos season 3: Who is Andrea Londo? Meet the outspoken actress who plays Maria Salazar

Play slideshow. Pablo Escobar played by Wagner Moura. Where is Pacho Herrera now? Will Pacho Herrera be in Narcos season 4? Narcos season 3: Who are the Cali Cartel? Narcos season 3: Who is Chris Feistl? Is he based on a real person? Narcos season 3: Who is Jorge Salcedo, where is he now?Claudio Salazar was a high-ranking member of the Norte del Valle cartel before his death at the hands of the Cali Cartel in Born to Gerda Salazara notorious smuggler and one of the leaders of the Norte del Valle cartel ; Claudio immersed himself with the activities of the cartel at a very young age.

Sometime in the s, he started doing business with Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela of the rising Cali Cartel. He soon develops an animosity towards the young and successful smuggler Helmer Herreraand openly insults the latter's homosexuality, starting a feud. InClaudio and his wife are invited to a party hosted by the Rodriguez brothers in Cali. During the party, Gilberto makes a controversial announcement about the surrender deal which was brokered between the cartels and the government, which forced all cartels to cease operations within six months in exchange for lenient prison sentences.

Claudio, just like most of the Norte del Valle leadership, isn't pleased with the deal and later at the hotel apartment, rants about it to his wife before going out to a bar. The conversation is taped and sent to the Cali cartel leadership. Miguel Rodriguez, who hated the way Claudio treated the wife convinced Gilberto that it would be safe to kill Claudio than be sorry.

Gerda Salazar

Seizing the oppurtunity, Helmer Herrera and his gang confront Claudio; where they present him with a bottle of wine. Helmer dances with a patron of the bar, before returning to the table to share the wine with Claudio. Instead, to take revenge, Helmer ends up smashing his head with the bottle and chaining his body to four motorcycles moving away from each other, quartering him. Claudio's body is later covered with chicken wire and dropped into the river, to feed the fish. Sign In Register.

Edit This Page. Created with Sketch. Claudio Salazar. Biography Born to Gerda Salazara notorious smuggler and one of the leaders of the Norte del Valle cartel ; Claudio immersed himself with the activities of the cartel at a very young age.Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Episode 1 — "The Kingpin Strategy". He knows Javier must've endured a fair share of trauma in Colombia, and asks whether he really wants to go again.

The Cali Cartel is the smooth, suave, under-the-radar polar opposite of Pablo Escobar's boastful, arrogant, charming "man of the people" persona. First, we see Helmer "Pacho" Herrera Alberto Ammannhead of distribution and security, bathing casually in a bubble bath. His male lover emerges from the bubbles. Next is Miguel Rodriguez Orejula Francisco Denisoperations chief in charge of money, murder, and logistics. Oh, goodie. A new set of faces and names. Brace yourselves: This is going to be a lot to keep track of.

That night, the Cali Cartel is planning on holding an extraordinary party. For the first and only time, everyone in the cartel's extended network will gather.

Gilberto Rodriguez will be making a speech. When the four cartel godfathers get together, we see they genuinely all love and respect each other — they have a much less tense relationship than Escobar and his men had for now. Given the importance of the event, the cartel's impressive security team is making preparations. Pacho, head of security, gives a rousing speech, before announcing that Jorge Matias Varelaa top-notch security guard, is leaving his job at the cartel to start a security business of his own.

Everyone, even the DEA, knows about this party. The DEA nabs one such informant and installs him as a waiter in the party. He wears a button that also happens to be a camera. Before Gilberto makes the announcement, Jorge catches the waiter with the hidden camera. After Jorge makes this big find, Miguel confronts him, and says he wants Jorge to continue working for the Cartel for the next six months.

Jorge has no choice but to say yes. Withdrawal from the cocaine business. In six months, all evidence that the Cali Cartel had ever existed will be gone. The four godfathers and their entire extended network will surrender, and get out of the business unscathed.

Gilberto doles out execution assignments; each person who spoke out will die. Accompanied by a gang of leather-clad motorcyclists, Pacho arrives to the outdoor disco where Salazar is dancing with a woman who is not his wife Maria Andrea Londo. Pacho makes nice, and agrees to put all of their differences between them. Then, Pacho begins dancing sensually and making out with a man on the dance floor.

There is some playful lip biting happening. Pacho smashes a bottle of alcohol his head. When Claudio awakes, his arms and his legs have been attached to two motorcycles going in two different directions.Gerda Salazar was a Colombian drug smuggler and one of the leaders of the Norte del Valle cartel.

Despite her age, she was an influential cartel boss, coming second to only Orlando Henao Montoya. As a result of her powers, her children quickly rose through the ranks to be powerful enforcers. One of her sons, Claudio was killed by Cali Cartel boss Helmer Herrera to resolve a dispute, and Claudio's wife would later become the mistress of another Cali boss Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela.

After Cali's de facto leader Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was arrested by the police, she and Orlando Henao notice a weakness in the Cali cartel and begin to plan their ascension into power. Under her request, Orlando contacts the Mexican smuggler and Cali cartel ally Amado Carrillo Fuentes and they both forge a partnership in which the Mexican would smuggle only Norte del Valle products. Fuentes also gives away Herrera's location, and Gerda sends a hit squad to take them out.

Herrera survives the attempt, but his his brother is paralyzed for life. After the DEA successfully clamp down on Cali activities, Herrera decides to surrender, but not before assaulting Gerda's hideout and killing all of her surviving sons before shooting her in the face with his pistol after she mocked his brother for being a 'half-man'.

claudio salazar narcos

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Claudio Salazar

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Jorge Salcedo Jefe de Seguridad del Cartel de Cali.

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claudio salazar narcos

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claudio salazar narcos

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