J pole antenna mount

J pole antenna mount


Skip to main content J Pole. In Stock. The antenna arrived on time from Amazon Prime. It is well packaged and came with clear instructions and was very easy to assemble.

It appears to be well constructed with most of it being aluminum and just one plastic housing part where the coax cable connects. It should be weather resistant and lasting.

The pole clamp can accept a range of pole diameters up to 2 inches. I installed the antenna on our single story roof on a 10 foot pole. I used 30 feet of coax cable from the antenna to the TV. Reception is very good. The two main transmitter towers are about 50 miles away from the antenna in the Los Angeles basin.

I triangulated the antenna position in between the two transmitter towers' signals. Add to cart. I needed to mount an antenna on an angled roof line and this worked perfectly. Appears well built. I do suggest assemble it,make sure you know where every thing goesthen disassemble it before going up roof just for the practice. This was just the solution I needed and came with all necessary hardware. This is a good product but how ever I didn't really need it.

I removed the satellite dish and replaced the dish with the new air antenna. The j mount that came with the dish was the same size as the one I purchased and since it was already installed I simply used the satellite dish mount instead.

Originally we subscribed to satellite because the reception we where getting in analog was crappy but since the new digital air in HDTV went into effect I discovered that the picture quality was awesome, better than satellite or cable and the TV doesn't loose reception on thick cloudy days.

With the Air Currently unavailable. Picked up over 50 channels" - by Konscious. This is product that has made it a simply task of local OTA reception for our home's needs. See All Buying Options.Often, amateur radio operators are looking for alternative locations to install their antennas. If you live in a space restricted location or are under a HOA restriction, you may be able to mount an antenna outside.

This calls for a little creativity; if the space allows, consider mounting your antennas in the attic.

The advantages of mounting the antenna in the attic are twofold. Your antennas will be hidden from view, thereby not raising any issues with neighbors or others that would want to enforce any Home Owners Association restrictions that may be in your neighborhood. A second advantage to mounting the antenna in the attic is that you will be protected from lightning strikes in the event of severe weather.

Attic mounted antennas will work just fine and you will receive pretty close to the same results as you would if the antenna was outdoors.

The only concern with attic mounted antennas is the space available to you for mounting. You will need a peak in your attic that is tall enough for the antenna to fit.

j pole antenna mount

If the top of the antenna touches the walls or roof, the performance may be affected slightly. Angling will affect the radiation patter slightly, so you may need to consider which directions to favor the antenna for the best reception. Nice site. I will be doing biz with you in the future! The article about installing a J-pole is encouraging, as I have a large attic that could be used. However, it did not address the issue or radiation in the living areas below for a 2 meter J pole. And it did not address the issue of placement near existing electrical wiring.

Could those subjects be addressed? I would be most grateful. Great questions. Wiring would be more of an issue with horizontally mounted antennas, like dipoles, as parallel wires could interact with those types of antennas. As for RF safety. This is a complex subject and I have written a separate article that addresses the issue of RF radiation safety and how to evaluate your setup to make sure you are within the FCC guidelines.

j pole antenna mount

Details are at the link below. But the signal could be attenuated if the underlayment contains metal foil or mesh. My attic space is only 65 inches tall and I have the antenna at a slight angle, which provides fair results when leaning toward the local repeater. Is cutting 4 inches off the bottom of the J-Pole advisable? The bottom of my J-Pole antennas have approximately 11 inches of mounting section. The mounting section of the antenna can be any length and shortening it so the antenna fits in your attic will have no effect on the performance of the antenna.

How about a discussion about how to mount the J-Pole in the attic. But, what about fabricating some type of stand for the J-Pole to sit in — like a old Christmas Tree stand?

Anyone had any experience with that? Attics can be a tight fit for placing an antenna. It has some suggestions for portable antenna stands that may work for your situation:. What about attics with radiant barrier film on the back of the sheeting?

Mylar or metallicized vapor barriers will have the same effect on the antenna as a metal roof. It will attenuate the signal, so you will notice a loss of performance. I bought a collapsible 2 meter j-pole from this gentleman directly before getting my tech license back in Now, I just need to get some basic HF equipment, after I win a lottery of some form ha!Antenna mounting can be a tough subject. We want multiple radios on the air monitoring different frequencies and bands, yet we are limited by the amount of space available to place antennas.

With most questions of this nature, there is an easy answer and a not so easy answer. For VHF antennas, that translates to roughly 19 inches. This is the rule we use when installing omni antennas on a the trunk of a vehicle.

What about base station operation? Will this rule work for antennas mounted on a mast or tower? It should, but I like to maintain the maximum distance possible. Separating two antennas by three feet will cause a 30db drop in signal between the two antennas. So transmitting 50 watts on one transmitter could cause as much as 50 milliwatts of energy to travel down the feedline of the second antenna.

The further apart you can separate the antennas, the lower the interaction between the two antennas will be. Vertical separation can allow two antennas on the same frequency range to co-exist. Separating antennas horizontally can take up quite a bit of real estate. Getting the antennas out of their transmit apertures will greatly limit the cross-talk or desense between the two transceivers. If you can move the second antenna outside of the donut, you can limit the amount of desense.

The easiest way to do this is two mount the two antennas vertically, one higher than the other. For each foot of vertical separation you can realize 10 feet of horizontal separation.

Finally, antennas on two different bands are less likely to interact with each other as compared to antennas on the same band. The formulas and distances of course are theoretical and other outside factors like buildings, structures, other antennas, towers could affect how your antennas receive and transmit.

The best way to test for crosstalk and desense is to use a Field Strength Meter. Field strength meters can run a large price range, depending on their sensitivity and calibration. But an inexpensive meter like the MFJ is sufficient for situations like this.

j pole antenna mount

Dear Sir, I am in need of an improved antenna for FM radio reception. Would one of your models work for this purpose?QRZ Forums. I want to put it on my porch, which is screened in.

J-Pole Antenna – Should I ground it?

I live on a third floor condo so I think this is my only option for mounting. Where on the pole and how should I ground this??? Please be gentle, I am a true newbie and this is my first homebrew. Really happy with how the J-Pole turned out, and I don't want something like a bad ground to mess it up. Thanks to everyone! Last edited: Feb 19, None of my 3 j-poles in current use are grounded. I mount them on PVC pipe and the only grounding I use is the case ground on the rig.

Make sure you use a balun fairly close to the antenna's feedpoint, though. A coil of turns of RG about 4 inches in diameter seems to do the trick. There are folks who swear that you need to ground a j-pole.

How to Install a J-Mount - Solid Signal Hands On

This is simply not true in most cases. The only exception I know of is if you mount it on a metal mast, with no insulation between it and the antenna.

I don't recommend going that route unless you have to. Good luck! N1RKWFeb 19, My first experience with J-poles was making an antenna for FM broadcast band mhz. One fellow had very elaborately insulated the mounting stub. Yet from photos I had seen, I could see no form of insulation. And found out the stub at the bottom is electrically "0" volts.

And further, that it really didn't matter if it was grounded or not. That works for me. AE5JUFeb 19, You can ground the j-pole anywhere below the 'trombone' matching section without affecting it. The whole antenna can be at DC potential which is good for static elimination, and should be good for lightning protection if it's connected to a reasonable ground. If your screen porch is screened in with metal screens, that's probably not going to work.

Rf won't penetrate the metal screen very well. If the screens are plastic, you should be OK even if the frames are metal. K0RGRFeb 19, Because the J-Pole uses a balanced feed it is not necessary to ground it. You can if you wish but it will not improve the performance. If you are concerned about lightning, unless the J-Pole is higher than your house I wouldn't worry about it too much.A common perception of J-Pole antennas is that because of their design, they have a tendency to couple with large metal objects and buildings.

This is true if you are attempting to mount a J-Pole along side a house with metal siding or a steel shed. But does this restriction hold true for side mounting the antenna on a tower?

Tower real estate is valuable and only one thing can be on the top. We often select our best, or most desirable omni antenna to hold that top piece of the tower.

These antennas often take lower priority to the prime voice antenna, so they get mounted lower on the tower. The good news is that in all of these situations is that the J-Pole can be side mounted on a tower or you can have two J-Poles of different frequencies mounted alongside each other. In fact the further you can move the antenna out from the face, the less and less the interaction if any there will be. My recommendation is to have the 2 meter or high frequency antennas out at least 2 feet and the 6 meter antenna at least feet.

You can mount a MHz, or 70cm J-Pole on the same plane as a 2 meter antenna. Name Required. Email Required. Add me to your newsletter list. Checks and Money Orders. What People are Saying Beautiful. Works fabulously. Great product. Simple and effective. Very well built. Would buy again. Will recommend to friends.

With the top of the antenna less than 30 feet in the air, I get great signal reports from more than 25 miles away while running on a 5-watt HT. It's a new year and my mailbag is full. I added a video to a YouTube playlist youtu.

Here's the ten best ham radio videos from Did yours make the list? First Name:. Last Name:. Email Address:. If you enjoyed this article, why not subscribe to our newsletter. You'll receive notification of future articles and special offers about once a month. Your email is safe with me as I don't sell or rent this list to any third parties.

Tower real estate is a finite resource, so take advantage of your tower system by side mounting the J-Pole antennas. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. J-Pole antennas provide communications support for motorcycle rally. Marathon County Civil Defense Helmet. Michael, Austin TX.It has been around for many decades [1]. I have covered J-Poles quite a bit on this site [2]. My favorite feature is the versatile feed adjustment provided by the J part of the antenna.

A great many web sites and antenna books provide construction details. More site authors, including the late L. A surprising number of authoritative sources swear the J-Pole antenna works perfectly with full connection to other conductors alleging zero voltage potential will ensure no RF current flows through the base of the J and into the supporting structure. The following comment from a forums.

The alert from the NEC crowd since at least [5] is how the J-Pole antenna behaves when the bottom of the J has a direct connection to other conductive structures. Many novice antenna enthusiasts, like the poster above, assume the bottom of the J in the J-Pole is at such potential to not conduct RF to anywhere, except the upper radiator. The NEC simulation folks provide the opposing view the bottom of the J-Pole antenna is very sensitive to additional conductors that have just as much right to the RF current as the upper radiator.

No matter how a J-Pole is fed, RF currents must pass through this three way junction. Both the upper half-wave of the J-Pole antenna and the mast compete for RF current based on the impedance they present to this junction.

There is nothing magical or mystical that makes the J-Pole immune to these basic engineering facts. The next figure highlights how attaching the J-Pole to a mast brings in the impedance of the mast resulting in a three way current node composed of impedances Za upper elementZs stub and Zm mast ; The impedance of the source is part of this too, of course, but you get the idea. The impedance of the mast has just as much right to the current as other paths. Can we calculate these currents?

Yes, we can, but it is easier to simulate with NEC or other simulation methods. The video below shows a time based simulation of a 2m J-pole atop a one wave-length mast with a direct connection to ground. Press play to see a MHz sine wave at the bottom of the J ramp up to full intensity, sending currents through the structure and eventually reflecting currents from ground and the top of the antenna to create the standing waves that make antennas work.

What you see in the video is the amplitude of the H field around the antenna; These are proportional to the current in the conductors and give the viewer a good idea where RF currents flow. In this circumstance, the mast becomes as much part of the antenna as the J-Pole. Not good.Getting your antenna in the air can sometimes be challenging.

Not all of us have unlimited real estate and foot towers at our disposal to hang any radiator on that we please. We all have to work within the confines of our situation, meaning limited space, property restrictions, access, or even budget.

This type of base would look nice in the corner of your apartment or sitting out on your exterior patio or deck. Giving the base a nice coat of stain and lacquering the antenna would certainly turn the entire piece into a decorative art project.

A simpler approach to the wooden base is one built out of PVC tubing. You can build a lightweight base for your antenna out of 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC and a few t-connectors. A dab of PVC cement in the connectors will keep the base from falling over due to the weight of the antenna.

Antenna Masts

But you can put out flowers and plants. Plus getting your antenna outside will increase its performance greatly than if it was sitting inside your apartment. Foreground is the 2 meter J-Pole antenna attached to a fencepost. A fencepost or a deck railing makes an excellent antenna support. These sturdy posts and railing are just waiting for antenna to be mounted on them.

I use one of the posts on my six foot privacy fence just for that purpose. By attaching a 10 foot piece of 1 inch EMT conduit to the fence post, I have an effective mast and support for my Slim Jim antenna. Using the existing structures of your house, garage, or utility building are great spots for antenna. Just make sure your chimney is structurally sound to attach the straps to.

A roof peak mount, another television antenna mount, also works well to support vertical antennas. I use one on the end of my detached garage to support my HF wire dipole antenna. Installing this mount require drilling four heavy lag screws into your houses fascia, but it is a durable option.

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j pole antenna mount

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j pole antenna mount

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How To Make A SWR Screw Adjuster Cap For The J-Pole Antenna For Ham Radio

Simple and effective. Very well built. Would buy again. Will recommend to friends. With the top of the antenna less than 30 feet in the air, I get great signal reports from more than 25 miles away while running on a 5-watt HT.

It's a new year and my mailbag is full. I added a video to a YouTube playlist youtu. Here's the ten best ham radio videos from Did yours make the list? First Name:. Last Name:. Email Address:. If you enjoyed this article, why not subscribe to our newsletter.

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j pole antenna mount

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How close can I mount two VHF/UHF antennas

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j pole antenna mount

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J-Pole Antenna – Should I ground it?

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Side Mounting J-Pole Antennas on a Tower

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